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Physician Access of Profiles

AMA Credentialing Services grants physicians the option to request profile delivery to a medical licensing board and/or to access a self-inquiry profile.


Requests to send a profile to a licensing board
All physicians may request that a profile be sent to a medical licensing board. For AMA members, this service is a free perk of AMA membership. A $40 processing fee is applied to all nonmember requests.


Requests for a self-inquiry profile
All physicians, regardless of AMA membership status, can request a free self-inquiry profile.

As a privacy and security measure, AMA requires all physicians who request a self-inquiry profile to correctly answer a series of security questions based on information held within the AMA Masterfile. Physicians are allowed two opportunities to answer all four questions correctly before being locked out of the system. If locked out, please contact the AMA Unified Service Center (USC) at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time). Upon successful completion of the security process, physicians will need to read and accept the AMA Profiles Hub licensing agreement.



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