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Subscription Pricing

The AMA makes it easier than ever to get the primary source-verified credentialing data you need from the unrivaled one-stop-shop for trusted physician data. Purchase your profiles using subscription pricing.

With an AMA Profile subscription, you make a one-time payment and then download all of the AMA Physician Profiles you need (full profiles, reappointments and Continuous Monitoring Service) for a full year.

  • Save time: Get all of the credentialing data you need in one place, as often as you need it.
  • Increase efficiency: Make just one annual payment and you're done.
  • Save money: Subscription packages are customized according to the number of physicians on your roster and the number of profiles needed. We make sure they are a perfect fit for optimal savings and convenience.

Subscriptions for AAPA Physician Assistant Profiles are also available.

Please click here to complete a form and a representative will contact you to create a subscription package.

Additional details and restrictions: Subscription pricing is based on the number of physicians and/or physician assistants on your current roster. Access to profiles applies only to the number of physicians or PAs indicated in your final subscription order form. AMA profile subscription pricing is for internal use applications only and not for external credentials verification organizations.


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