rules-based cross maps

Single product that includes “both directions” of the maps. 

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Unlock CPT®

insights within your clinical systems through the integration with SNOMED CT®

SNOMED CT® to CPT® Maps are rules-based crosswalks between SNOMED CT® clinical concepts and CPT® codes that support improved resource utilization and patient care.

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Using SNOMED CT® to CPT® Maps

Universally accessible files allow systems to show where there are precise matches, which information will clarify imprecise matches, and the specificity of the CPT code compared to SNOMED CT® clinical concepts.

Where maps benefit you

Authoritative Integration

Instead of relying on custom software or manual input, these maps give you the right information, right away.  

Easier Connections

Nuanced associations between clinical concepts and codes make effective translation easier.  

Simplified Administration

Visualize resource utilization and make more impactful decisions with linked data.   

Facilitated Analytics

More data is only useful when it makes sense, and these maps do just that.   

Better Compliance

Meaningful Use compliance relies on reporting SNOMED CT® concepts, and reverse maps help you meet these requirements.  

Unlock CPT® insights within your clinical systems

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