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CPT® QuickRef App
Access tips


Accessing the free app

  1. If using an Apple mobile device, visit the App Store. If using an Android mobile device, visit Google Play.
  2. Open the free app and review the Tour. Tap the Settings Gear and Sign Into the app. This is different from your AMA login.
    You can use this login to maintain your access if you change devices.
  3. Tap the Premium icon in the lower right corner to start a free 14-day trial or purchase access within the app.

Accessing the premium content with a QR code
To complete this section, you will need the QR code found on the BACK of your CPT®  Professional. The QR code is hidden by a scratch-off coating. Gently scratch off the coating to reveal your QR code. [view image]

  1. Tap the Settings Gear and Sign In if you are not already. Follow the instructions to create an account if you have not already.
  2. Tap Scan a QR Codeview image]
  3. Position your phone so that the entire QR code can be seen. The app will automatically scan your QR code. [view image]
  4. At the “Confirmation Required” screen, tap Confirm

When you see the “Thank You” message, you will have access to the Coding and Billing Pack and CPT Assistant Newsletter Archives for the code set year that you purchased.


Please email the AMA Unified Service Center (USC) at ama_apps_support@ama-assn.org or go to the Message Center on the app Settings page. AMA USC support staff is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (central time).