FAQ for CPT® Access in the Procedure Price Lookup Tool


  1. How do I access CPT® code set content in the Procedure Price Lookup Tool (PPL)?
    1. There’s no need to combine CPT® codes from elsewhere. You can look up codes directly within the tool.
  2. Do I need a license to use CPT® codes?
    1. Any individual or entity using CPT content needs permission or a license (i.e., a written agreement authorizing use of CPT codes) from the AMA or an authorized distributor.
  3. How do I obtain a CPT® code set license?
    1. If you do not have a license for CPT® in another product, you can apply for licensure here.
  4. I looked at the licensing site, but I am not a current distributor and I do not have a product ready to go through the distribution application. How can I access content in the PPL?
    1. At this time, we can only offer the full distribution license to qualified organizations. We are working to provide for a different license for organizations that do not fit within the AMA’s current distribution licensing model. To stay updated on this license, please email ama.pplinfo@ama-assn.org.
  5. How do I prove to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that I have a valid license for the CPT® code set?
    1. AMA licenses users for specific products, so all PPL users will need to go through the AMA to access CPT® content through CMS. Once the AMA adds PPL to your profile, you will receive a license key to share with CMS and they will use this key to verify your license.
  6. What rights do I have with a license to CPT® codes in the PPL?
    1. Depending on your particular license, you may be restricted to development only, production use, or distribution. Please visit the licensing page here to explore your options.
  7. I already license CPT® code set, how do I get codes in the Procedure Price Lookup Tool?
    1. a. The intake for all PPL users is here. Find your situation and the AMA will update your license appropriately.
  8. How long do I wait before getting access to the CPT® code set content in the PPL?
    1. Current distributors can expect to receive their license key within 1-2 business days. Timing for other applicants will depend on the license type and complexity of their application.