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CPT Link and the medical coding universe

Introducing CPT® Link:
The next generation of medical and administrative coding

Supercharge your coding and reach more informed clinical, financial and operational decisions. CPT® Link features all the coding advantages of the AMA’s CPT® Developer’s Tool Kit, with enhancements for code updates and executable CPT® guidelines.

CPT Link Benefits and Features

  • Machine readable CPT data updated three times a year
  • CPT guidelines, including "excludes" and "includes" as computable code edits
  • CPT to SNOMED map focused on value sets needed for Meaningful Use reporting.
  • Reverse map from SNOMED to CPT supports clinical analytics
  • Helps enable outcome reporting leading to population health insights
  • Allows for benchmarking and demographic assessment of medical diagnosis and procedures
  • Integration with other AMA data sources (CPT Assistant and CPT Changes)
  • Individually-defined CPT codes resulting from structured clinical attributes (e.g. method, site, device) and administrative properties (e.g. HCPCS code, Relative Value Units (RVUs), modifiers and coding tips).
  • Multi-axial hierarchy models CPT codes individually
  • Integrates into HIT applications
  • Multiple file formats

Accuracy Matters

Coding accuracy is critical to claim processing, adjudication and reimbursement. CPT Link is a structured, executable CPT platform that allows for:

  • Connection between disparate clinical and administrative health data
  • More accurate, transparent and efficient claims reimbursements
  • In-depth analytics leading to greater actionable insights that can inform your business approach in today’s evolving health care landscape

High quality coding just became easier with 3 key product enhancements for 2016

  • Three annual updates that provide a machine-readable list of CPT interim changes
  • Computable coding guidelines, including exclusion and inclusion edits
  • SNOMED – CPT maps for Meaningful Use reporting and clinical analytics

Unlock knowledge and save
Save valuable resources and grow your bottom line with CPT LINK from the AMA’your trusted source of CPT coding. Here’s how.


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