CPT® Link


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Leverage the full value of CPT® through integration and related tools

CPT® Link is an ontology-based version of CPT® containing a structured model to support enhanced clinical and administrative aggregation of CPT® encoded content. 

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Using CPT Link

Integrate CPT® into other systems through mapping to standard taxonomies compatible with other Health Information Technology tools, such as EHR/PHR, decision support, claims adjudication, compliance, reporting, and others. Use Clinician and Consumer-Friendly descriptors for ease of understanding codes and procedures in systems used by those audiences


Ordered Attributes

Ordered attributes unlock knowledge in CPT®-encoded data repositories

CPT® Link Attributes

CPT® Link attributes on CPT® codes allow for easy categorization along clinical and administrative lines, e.g., by body site, by method, by location, by complexity, etc.


Ontology helps identify areas of change, assess impact and make updates


Value of CPT Link can be realized using CPT Link in a relational database with SQL queries or embedded in an analytics software platform

Improved Efficiency

AMA SNOMED CT to CPT® maps, CPT® Link ontology and CPT® Link data to accurately and efficiently select candidate CPT® codes for billing

Leverage the full value of CPT®

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