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How do I search for a physician in AMA Profiles Hub?
There are several ways to search for a physician profile. When signed into AMA Profiles Hub, begin your search by clicking the Search tab and taking one of the following actions:
  • Enter the physician's legal first and last name and date of birth.
  • Enter the ECFMG number for foreign medical school graduates. This is a seven- to eight-digit number.
  • Enter the national provider identifier (NPI) number assigned to the physician.

If you are unable to locate a physician, the AMA can perform the search for you.

What should I do when a physician does not appear in the search results of AMA Profiles Hub?
Select the Request Profile Research link at the bottom of the search page. Provide as much information as possible in the request form. Results of a research request will be delivered within 30 business days. Additional questions can be directed to the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, which operates Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time).

How do I search for a physician assistant in AMA Profiles Hub?
Begin your search by clicking the Search tab and selecting the radio button next to Physician Assistant. Enter the legal first and last names and date of birth. A second search option is to enter the physician assistant’s NCCPA number, which is a 7-digit number.

Can I conduct a bulk profiles search in AMA Profiles Hub?
No. An online bulk search option is not offered at this time. For assistance, send an email to or contact the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time).

How do I access my AMA Profiles Hub order?
Profiles are delivered as PDF files that you download from your AMA Profiles Hub account. You can download the PDF from the Profile Manager or Order History page. To open a PDF file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free. This electronic version of AMA profiles can be viewed and printed from your desktop computer. Profiles can be downloaded for a period of up to 30 days from purchase (up from the old system’s seven-day timeframe). All profile orders will result in an order confirmation that will be sent to the email address you provide.

Does AMA Profiles Hub generate a list of physician reappointment profiles that need to be ordered?
Yes, and you can access that reappointment list by clicking the Profile Manager tab and searching for profiles within the appropriate timeframe. The results list generated makes ordering easy.

May I have my purchased profiles mailed to me?
With the launch of AMA Profiles Hub, the AMA no longer mails profiles to organizations or physicians.

What is a discrepancy?
A discrepancy arises when a customer disagrees with any AMA profile data. If the customer files a discrepancy report, the AMA will investigate the disputed information and verify through primary sources the accuracy of the data. AMA will report investigation results by email within 30 business days. If the investigation results in a change to the profile, an updated profile will be made available within AMA Profiles Hub and may be downloaded within 30 days.

How do I report a discrepancy in a physician or physician assistant profile?
When logged into AMA Profiles Hub, click the Profile Manager tab. Search for the provider for whom you believe inaccurate data has been reported. Click the associated Report button located in the Report a Discrepancy column. Enter the information that needs to be investigated. The AMA will contact the primary source to validate the data. AMA will report investigation results by email within 30 business days. If the investigation results in a change to the profile, an updated profile will be made available within AMA Profiles Hub and may be downloaded within 30 days.

Where do I go to see my order history? What details are available there?
You may view your order history in the Order History tab. Within this tab, you can search by provider name, order number, custom date range or quarter. The information provided is similar to your order confirmation, containing order date, order status, payment information, billing address, providers profiled and payment total.

I see I can purchase Continuous Monitoring through AMA Profiles Hub. What is this service?
When you select Continuous Monitoring Service for a physician profile, you will receive email notification whenever profile data changes and a link to access the updated profile. A notification and new profile is generated when changes are made to the following data elements:

  • Residency training
  • Licensure
  • Government actions
  • DEA
  • NPI

When added to a transactional purchase of a profile, Continuous Monitoring Service expires two years after the date of purchase. Continuous Monitoring Service is included in the price of a subscription and runs the length of your subscription term. By viewing your Order History or Profile Manager pages in AMA Profiles Hub, you can find a list of those physician profiles that have been assigned Continuous Monitoring Service for your organization. From these pages, you may disable or repurchase the service.


Account Activity tab
What information is contained in the Account Activity tab?
The Account Activity tab displays your monthly transaction history – including information on the number of profiles purchased and by whom, payment method, and account balance information, if applicable. It also allows you to view receipts and to export a PDF of your monthly transaction history.

Can I find my invoices in the account activity tab?
Invoices are not displayed on the account activity tab. The account activity tab is primarily a list of your transaction history, so only transactions that involved a formal payment of some type will be displayed. While your invoices will not appear, payments on your invoices will appear under the transaction type "Subscription Payment".

Why do I have an ending balance if I paid for my purchase with a credit card?
Ending Balance is a running total of your available account balance. If your account has funds available for use, the Ending Balance will reflect this, regardless of your payment method. Making purchases with your credit card will not affect your account balance – it will simply display what is currently available for use.

How far back can I see transactions?
In order to provide the best user experience, the account activity page will display 24 months of transaction history starting with October 2015. Beginning in October 2017, you will have a full 24 months available for view.

Can I see transactions for full year on one page?
Account activity is displayed one month at a time. Each month's transactions may be downloaded and saved to your computer. If you are searching for a particular physician profile purchase and are unsure of when it was purchased, you can navigate to the Order History tab and use the search functionality to search for the physician and access the purchase date.

How soon can I see transactions for orders placed today?
Orders placed today will take 24 hours to appear on the account activity page.


Organization Manager
What is Organization Manager?
Organization Manager is an online platform that helps administrators manage account access of those coworkers or employees who will purchase AMA Profiles. Direct access to Organization Manager is available to those customers assigned the roles of organization administrator or Profiles user, with the administrator being assigned a higher level of system privileges.

What is an organization administrator?
An organization administrator is responsible for granting privileges to Profiles users, those coworkers or employees within your organization who will purchase AMA Profiles. The administrator must invite users and set user privileges through Organization Manager. Inviting a user will automatically generate a message that will be sent to the email or emails provided by the administrator.

Does my organization need to have an organization administrator?
Yes. Every organization must have at least one organization administrator. However, it is highly recommended that each organization has at least two administrators.

Can an organization have more than one administrator?
Yes. Organizations can have multiple administrators with the same administrative privileges. An administrator may assign administrator privileges to an existing user or as new users are added. It is highly recommended that each organization has at least two administrators in case situations arise when one administrator is not available, for example, vacations or emergencies.

Can I be the organization administrator for multiple organizations?
Yes. One person can be assigned and fulfill the role of administrator for multiple organizations.

As an administrator, what privileges am I assigned?
Within Organization Manager, organization administrators can add, remove and assign privileges to users; edit and create organizations; and view change requests. Within AMA Profiles Hub, administrators can purchase profiles.

What is an AMA administrator?
The role of an AMA administrator is filled by an AMA staff member knowledgeable about AMA Credentialing Services. An AMA administrator can fulfill requests to establish a new organization and assign that organization’s administrator, can approve creation of an organization by an existing administrator, and can add and remove organization administrators and Profiles users as well as edit role assignments. An organization administrator must approve actions taken by an AMA administrator within Organization Manager.

What is a Profiles user?
A profiles user is a person within a health care organization who will purchase AMA Profiles in an effort to complete assigned credentialing or related duties.

As a Profiles user, what privileges am I assigned?
Within Organization Manager, Profile users can only view those organizations to which they serve as a user. Within AMA Profiles Hub, Profile users can purchase profiles. A Profile user can be assigned to multiple organizations and purchase for multiple organizations.

As the administrator of an existing AMA Profiles account, how do I transition my organization to the new AMA Profiles Hub?
The AMA will be sending out a series of emails introducing administrator-level customers to Organization Manager and AMA Profiles Hub. These messages will explain account set up and the process of adding users and additional administrators. They will also link to helpful video tutorials. Complete the steps as soon as possible to avoid any service interruption when the new AMA Profiles Hub launches.

As an administrator, how do I add users to my organization?
Users and additional administrators are added to an organization by using Organization Manager. One or more users may be added to an organization by clicking your organization’s name or the pencil icon in the Edit column and then clicking the Users tab on the next screen labeled Organizational Details. A Users screen will appear from which you may choose to click the Add User button or the Add Multiple Users button, depending on the number of users you wish to add. When adding one user, enter the user’s email address, select the role or roles you wish the user to have, and finish by clicking the Add User button. When adding multiple users, enter the users’ email addresses, select the role or roles you wish the users to have, and finish by clicking the Add User button. Organization Manager will send a system-generated email with a unique URL to each user. By clicking on that URL, the user will be directed to a Create Account page where he or she will complete a form to create his or her own unique username and password. When completing this form, the user must enter the email address to which the system-generated email was sent. After clicking Submit on that form, the user will be directed automatically to Organization Manager. Print the illustrated instructions.

How do I add a user and allow him or her to purchase AMA Profiles?
When an administrator adds a user to an organization, the administrator must also check the Profiles User box. Print instructions for adding a user.

Why is a user who I added in Organization Manager not appearing in my list of organization users?
A user will not appear in the list of organization users until his or her email address is affiliated with an AMA account. To establish the AMA account, the user must follow the unique URL delivered in the invitation email generated by Organization Manager. Once the added user completes the Create Account process, he or she will appear in the list of users.

As an administrator, what do I do when I receive a notification that states “a user with this email address has already been added to the organization”?
If a user has been added to an organization by an administrator but failed to complete the activation process, Organization Manager will generate this notification if the administrator repeats the “Add User” steps with that same email address. To appear in the organization’s list of users, a newly added user must complete the activation process by clicking the unique URL he or she receives in the system-generated email. If the added user has misplaced or not received the email, he or she should ask the administrator to resend the email. Print instructions for resending an email.

How do I resend the system-generated email containing the unique URL to a newly added Organization Manager Profiles user?
The administrator must log into Organization Manager ( to resend the system-generated email to a newly added user. Once in Organization Manager, click on the organization’s name to be directed to the Organization Details page. On the Organization Details page, click the Change Requests tab. On the Change Requests screen, locate the Filter by Status menu. The default for this drop down menu is “Pending,” but by clicking on the arrow, you have the additional options of “Approved,” “Rejected” and “All.” For this task, choose either “Approved” or “All” and a table of change requests will appear on the screen. Search for “Add User to Organization” in column 1 and the user’s email address in column 2. An envelope icon appears to the right of the user’s email address. Click on the envelope icon and a Send Email pop-up box will appear. Click the YES button to send the email. A confirmation that the email has been resent will appear in a new pop-up box. Click OK in this pop-up box to complete the process. Print the illustrated instructions.

As someone who will need to make a Profile purchase for my organization, how do I request to join an organization as a Profiles user?
Those persons wishing to be added to an organization as a Profiles user should contact their organization administrator directly and ask to be added. If you unaware of who at your health care organization serves as your organization administrator, then please contact the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time).

What is a change request?
A change request is a request to add, delete or edit some aspect of an organization’s profile (for example, adding a user or removing a role). A change request can only result from the actions taken by an organization’s administrator or an AMA administrator. Only administrators have access to review a full listing of all change requests. If a change is made by an AMA administrator, it will appear as a pending change request that the organization administrator will need to approve or reject. If a change request appears that you do not recognize, contact the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time).

Why do I need an AMA account to access Organization Manager and AMA Profiles Hub?
In an effort to continuously improve our ability to provide the best customer service experience, the AMA is aligning access to all password-protected sites through a single sign-on system known as an AMA account. With an AMA account, each user only needs to create one unique username and password to gain access to his or her password-protected AMA accounts. Members of a health care organization may not share an AMA account. It should also be noted that once an AMA account is created the username and password cannot be used simultaneously by two or more people on different devices.

How do I reset my AMA account password?
A password can be reset at the AMA Sign In page by clicking the “Forgot username or password?” link just below the Sign In button. You will be directed to a Forgot Password page where you will enter your email address into the indicated field and click the Submit button. A message that includes your username and instructions for resetting the password will be sent to the email address you provide.

How do I discover whether my organization has an existing AMA Profiles account?
Reach out to your organization’s medical staff services team to determine if it has an established account. If some uncertainty remains, you can apply for an account by calling the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time). If an AMA administrator finds that an active account exists for your organization, he or she will review the situation and contact your organization administrator with more details.

Why do I need an AMA account if I obtain my AMA Profiles through a software vendor who integrates AMA data?
Once AMA Profiles Hub launches, it will be the only way to report discrepancies in an AMA Profile. And the only way to access AMA Profiles Hub is with an AMA account.

Will my current AMA Profiles account activity transfer to AMA Profiles Hub when it launches?
Yes, if you follow the steps provided in the email message that you receive in early March, then your account activity will transfer. That message will provide a link that will tie your unique AMA account to your organization’s AMA Profiles account and all of your account activity will be visible in the new system.

How do I ensure that emails from the AMA make it through our facilities firewall?
Contact your IT department and ask that they add the following domains and email addresses to their approved list of senders:,,, and


Which forms of payment are accepted on AMA Profiles Hub
Four payment options are available:
  • Purchase an annual subscription plan. (Your current account balance can be credited towards your subscription purchase.)
  • Pay per transaction with a credit card.
  • Draw down from an existing account balance.
  • Conduct a wire transfer.

Access a detailed explanation of profile fees and payment options.

How can money be added to my account balance on AMA Profiles Hub?
To add funds to your account, you can send a check to AMA. Funds cannot be added online to your account with a credit card but can be refreshed via credit card by contacting the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time). Access a detailed explanation of profile fees and payment options, including how to pay by check.

How do I conduct a wire transfer of funds into my organization’s AMA Profiles Hub account?
At the time of your transfer, please send an email notification of the transaction to and The email must include your financial institution’s name, profile account number and dollar amount of your transfer. AMA also accepts ACH transactions. Access a more detailed explanation of this process.

How much does a profile cost?
AMA Physician Profiles cost $40 per profile for one to five profiles and $34 per profile when ordering six or more. AMA Physician Reappointment Profiles cost $17 per profile for one or two profiles, $12 per profile for three to nine, and $8 per profile for 10 or more. AAPA Physician Assistant Profiles cost $24 per profile. Access a detailed explanation of profile fees and payment options.

The purchase of an annual subscription allows unlimited access to profiles. See Subscription Pricing for more information.

What is your refund policy for Profiles?
The American Medical Association will review each refund request. Contact the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time), for assistance.

What are the delivery options for AMA profiles?
Profiles are generated upon submission of your order and can be downloaded within minutes. Print copies of AMA profiles are no longer delivered by mail.

Who do we contact with account or billing questions? There are two options:

  • Send an email to
  • Contact the AMA Unified Service Center at (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time).


AMA Profiles Connect
What is AMA Profiles Connect and data integration?
AMA has developed a relationship with credentialing software providers to integrate AMA data that is primary source verified directly into the credentialing software you may already be using. The integration of AMA credentialing data into credentialing software provides unlimited AMA Physician Profile and AMA Physician Reappointment Profile downloads and access to AMA’s Continuous Monitoring Service. The key to unlocking this data within your software is the purchase of an AMA Profile subscription.

Which software providers offer AMA Profiles Connect?
AMA has developed a relationship with credentialing software providers Morrisey Associates, MD-Staff and CredentialSmart to integrate AMA data that is primary source verified directly into their credentialing software. (Please note that within software provided by Morrissey Associates AMA Profiles Connect is referred to as AMA Profiles Manager.) Additional software providers are expected to offer the AMA Profiles Connect in the near future. Complete this form to be contacted when your software provider begins offering AMA Profiles Connect.

How do I access AMA Profiles when I’m using credentialing software?
If your credentialing software provider has integrated AMA’s credentialing data, please request an AMA Profiles subscription by completing this form. A customer service representative will set up your customer account, collect your billing information and provide you with login credentials (user ID and password) that are separate and distinct from your AMA Profiles Hub account.

Can my organization’s account balance be transferred to the purchase of my new AMA subscription?
Yes. Customers of the former AMA profiles site with an open account balance may transfer all or part of that balance to a subscription package on AMA Profiles Hub. Enrollment in a subscription pricing package will replace the former account balance program common to the former site.

Are AMA’s AAPA Physician Assistant Profiles available through credentialing software providers?

When using credentialing software that integrates AMA data, can I generate a print copy of a profile?
Credentialing software that uses AMA Profiles Connect can generate a print copy of an AMA profile for your files. It should look similar to what is accessible through AMA Profiles Hub.

Do I need to make an additional payment to re-query or re-pull any profile information?
No. Your AMA Profiles subscription entitles you to re-pull profiles as needed throughout the life of your subscription. And because the data is transmitted almost immediately from the AMA to your credentialing software, the data will reside in your credentialing software, eliminating the need to re-query or re-pull information.

If my software provider offers AMA Profiles Connect, how will access to “Do Not Release Holds on Doctor Records” be handled?
If you request a profile that has a hold designation, you will be informed of the hold by email. The AMA contacts the physician asking him/her to sign a waiver for release to you. After the signed waiver is received, the profile is released and you will be informed by email that the profile is ready for download.

If I use AMA Profiles Connect through our software provider, will I receive a summary of orders placed by my organization?
Yes. A daily receipt summary will be delivered to your organization for orders placed that day.

Can we integrate data through AMA Profiles Connect into our organization’s proprietary software?
Yes. Contact your credentialing software provider to determine if they have integrated with AMA Profiles Connect. If the provider has integrated with AMA Profiles Connect, then contact your AMA account representative to set up your subscription and obtain your client ID and password. Learn more about AMA Profiles Connect.


AMA Physician Profiles
Is data contained in an AMA Physician Profile considered primary source?

The AMA Physician Masterfile is the source for the data in the AMA Physician Profiles and has been primary source verified. Those organizations that accept certain elements of the AMA Physician Masterfile as primary source verified data include:
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • The Joint Commission
  • Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP)
  • DNV-GL Healthcare (DNV-GL)
  • National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)

Access specific information regarding which organization approves specific data elements.

What data is contained in an AMA Physician Profile?
An initial or full AMA Physician Profile includes the following information:

  • Mailing address
  • Primary office address
  • Primary office phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Self-designated specialty
  • AMA member status
  • National provider identifier (NPI) number
  • Medical education information
  • Post-graduate medical school information
  • NBME certification
  • State licensure information
  • ECFMG application number, if applicable
  • DEA registration number
  • Specialty board certification
  • Sanction information

AMA Physician Reappointment Profiles include the following information:

  • Mailing address
  • Primary office address
  • Primary office phone number
  • Date of birth
  • National provider identifier (NPI) number
  • State Licensure information
  • DEA registration number
  • Specialty board certification
  • Sanction information

If you don’t see an answer to your question in this list of FAQs, please complete click here to complete a form. We will respond to your question by email within three business days, and we will continuously update our FAQ list, as needed.

Prefer to speak with someone by phone? Please call (800) 665-2882, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm (central time).

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