Reporting a Discrepancy

In AMA Profiles Hub

Welcome to the AMA Profiles discrepancy reporting center. If you have identified inaccuracies in the credentialing data you have accessed, please follow the steps below to report a discrepancy:


Sign In or Create an Account

Existing AMA Profiles Hub users please Sign In.

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Select the Profiles Manager Tab

After signing in, please choose the “Profiles Manager” tab.

From here, you can use the first and last name search bars, select a time period, or enter a purchase date range to locate the profile for which you would like to submit a discrepancy.

Once you have found the correct profile, select the “Report” button next to the profile name to begin the reporting process.

Report your Discrepancy

You will be directed to the discrepancy form, which will present you with a number of categories for which you may submit a discrepancy. When finished reporting, press “Submit Discrepancy”.

The AMA will contact the primary source(s) to verify the submitted corrections. Please understand that verification from the primary source(s) may take up to 30 days to complete.

For your convenience, you can check the status of our investigation from the “Discrepancy” tab under the appropriate order number. Investigation outcome responses will be applied as verification from the primary source(s) is received. If our investigation results in corrections to the physician’s record, an updated Physician Profile will be provided. Inquiries related to this matter can be directed to the AMA Unified Service Center at 800-665-2882 (Monday-Friday) 7am-6pm CT. Please refer to the order numbers when contacting the AMA.

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